API is implemented through sending/receiving data in JSON format. The server part is written in Go (opens new window), the client part in Vue (opens new window), all sources are available in GitHub (opens new window).

This page describes only the general parameters, for more information you need read the source code.

# Common API

/api/config.write write the path to the directory with notes, used only when you first start

/api/exit the shutdown of the server

/api/ping used to determine server health

/api/config.json allows you to see and change the current configuration

/api/favorites.json manage your list of favorite notes

/resources/*/*/* showing images from the data storage

/api/statistic.json returns statistical information used on the main page

/api/refresh_data.json starting reindexing and updating data

/api/optimization.json running storage optimization all external images will be downloaded and placed in a directory with notes, it is necessary to work regardless of external servers

# Notebooks

/api/notebook_edit.json adding/deleting/moving/editing notebooks

/api/notes_at_notebook.json returns a list of notes in notebook

# Notes

/api/note.json specific note, title, text and all options

/api/note_edit.json creating/editing notes

/api/note_move.json move/delete notes

# Tags

/api/tags.json returns a list of all tags

/api/notes_with_tag.json list of notes with a specific tag

/api/tag_edit.json editing tags

/api/search.json working with search

/api/search_index.json start reindexing the search index